The Best WordPress Themes for Engineers

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Whether you’re the owner of an engineering company, an individual currently looking to get your engineering management masters online to take your career to the next level, or are just someone who completes minor engineering projects in your spare time, it’s always a good idea to get set up with a website. A website can not only work as a fantastic portfolio for your work, but it can also be a great way to show future employers or clients everything about who you are and what you’re good at; an online resume if you will.

One of the easiest platforms for people with little web design experience to get started with is WordPress. Most hosting providers offer a one-click install service so you can install the content management platform to your hosting within seconds. After this, all that’s left to do is choose a theme and populate your site with content. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of the best WordPress themes for engineers. This should help to narrow down your search and the time it takes to get set up.

Industrial and Engineering

Industrial and Engineering is a responsive WordPress theme that has been designed specifically with engineers in mind. There are a number of pages that come pre-installed with the theme, including a testimonial page, a team page, and a page to display your portfolio. While the theme is especially useful for large businesses, it can also be customized to suit solo traders as well. Pages can be deleted or re-organized as you deem fit, and you can also add additional elements like a blog and educational page if you want to share your knowledge.

The Best WordPress Themes for Engineers

The Industrial and Engineering theme is compatible with all mobile platforms and major browsers; it features clean, rich code and is regularly updated by the developers to ensure it meets the current WordPress security standards. A regular license costs $49, and included with the cost of the theme is six months of support; ideal for those who want to do a lot of customization as well as those who have little experience with getting set up on the platform.


Processing is one of the cheaper WordPress designs for engineers, currently available for $40. Rich in features, it provides everything an engineering company could ever need for a stand out web presence, including SEO optimization, HTML5 and media-rich post formats. A variety of shortcodes, blocks and widgets are also available so the theme can be customized with no knowledge of web design necessary. You simply need to drag and drop elements into place in order for them to display exactly as you would like.


The Processing theme is responsive-ready and also comes with six months of developer support; again, this is ideal for those who have never used WordPress before and may need a bit of help getting set up. A variety of fonts, pages, and web building services also come included, helping you to design a website that stands apart from the competition.


Modernist is a minimal WordPress theme that looks bright and eye-catching upon first glance. If you want to portray your engineering company, or yourself, as modern, this is definitely a good theme to choose as it displays a certain artistic flair that many of the other themes on this list just don’t seem to manage. In addition to its great look, the theme comes with a Layout Builder, which enables you to drag and drop the elements on your site to order them in the way that you’d like.


Modernist also comes with six-page templates, giving you the flexibility that you need while enabling you to launch your site quickly. A WYSIWYG editor makes customizing the colours and fonts easy, and requires zero experience of web design or HTML to use. The emphasis on services and projects makes this a top choice for both businesses and individuals, and the built-in contact page makes answering customer queries a breeze. Sleek and sexy, this is definitely one of our favourite themes. It’s currently available for $39.

Industrial Responsive

Finally, if you do have some web design experience, or you have someone working for your engineering company who knows their way around the WordPress backend, the Industrial Responsive theme may be the best one for you. This theme is very bare-bones compared to the others on the list, but while this may be a negative for new site designers, for experienced ones, it offers a high level of customization. The benefit here is that you can create a website that looks truly individual without having to start the build from complete scratch.


The Industrial Responsive Design is mobile responsive, and has been designed with the best practices in mind. Built on the Cherry Framework 3, there are a variety of parent/child themes and Bootstrap options to choose from. The theme was also designed by the well-known Template Monster, and they provide a lot of options when you purchase the theme, including help with the installation, and aiding with any widgets or shortcodes you require. It’s definitely an a-la-carte option, but more than ideal for those who want to scale, or stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Things to Consider

The above four themes are all ideal for engineers, both solo and businesses, and all can be customized to suit your requirements. However, there are plenty of others available if none of these fit the bill. Before choosing a theme, make sure to look at the development team (and how often the theme is updated), the level of support on offer, the ease of use and installation, and the customization options. Depending on your needs, you may also want to specifically search for themes that contain a portfolio option, a testimonials page, or space for your personal resume.
Whether you are currently studying for an engineering degree, or run a nationwide company, you can’t afford not to have a web presence in 2019!


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