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If you’ve ever considered becoming a blogger or starting a website, you’ve probably heard of WordPress. WordPress is so omnipresent a lot of internet users visit WordPress websites daily, sometimes without even noticing. It’s no secret WordPress is the most popular content management system, but how big is it exactly?

The Most Popular Site Builder

For starters, WordPress is so popular we can stop talking about numbers and talk about coverage instead. About 32.5% of the internet runs on WordPress. That means almost a third of websites on the entire internet are built with it. Impressive, right?

22% of all new domain names in the U.S. run on WordPress. However, WordPress is not only for English speakers. In 2018, non-English WordPress downloads surpassed English ones. English-speaking countries might get more downloads per capita, but WordPress’s worldwide popularity is immense.

If you‘re interested in the exact numbers, 661 new WordPress sites go up every day. That’s over 240k new websites a year. Not bad for a free content management system. In fact, stats show WordPress is crushing the competition in the CMS business. WordPress controls 59.5% of the CMS market. Joomla, the next competitor, has 5.7%. This just goes to show how much of a phenomenon WordPress is. It’s tough to name another platform with that kind of popularity.

The King of Content

The amount of content published through WordPress is even more impressive. In 2016, there were almost 600 million posts written on WordPress. Think that’s impressive? Wait till you hear that WordPress pages get 21 billion views each month. That’s nearly three times as many page views as there are people on the planet.

WordPress is indubitably the biggest content management system and one of the most fascinating internet phenomena. The impressive statistics surrounding it are only bound to grow because the adoption of this versatile CMS shows no signs of slowing down.

You can read the infographic below for more info on WordPress.

Stats that Showcase WordPress’s Popularity

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Thanks to the platform’s free and simple content management system it made it possible for anyone, regardless of levels of technical knowledge, to create impressive websites.
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