While it’s important to take steps to protect your identity in real life, protecting your identity online is just as if not more valuable. With that said, a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center suggests Americans feel that remaining anonymous online is much more intimidating and difficult. It’s time we all reevaluate how anonymous our online presences’ truly are.

The 2016 report surveyed over 1,040 adults, most of whom reported feeling that they’ve “lost control of their personal information” being fearful of whether “government agencies and major corporations can protect the customer data they collect” and really do as they say. Considering recent major breaches like Facebook, Twitter and the frightening Target scandal a few years back, these are very legitimate concerns for Americans to hold.

Although remaining anonymous online may seem intimidating, there are steps you can take to ensure your data stays more secure and less traceable. That’s why Panda Security created a graphic on how to stay anonymous online. By executing a few simple security measures, you can instantly boost your confidence in the security of your identity, on and off the web. Read the graphic below to find out how.

How to Be More Anonymous Online

How to Be More Anonymous Online

How to Stay More Anonymous Online

What concerns you most about the web? Is it identity theft? Companies tracking your browsing habits? Hackers or data breaches?
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