Why it is important to create a backup on a DVD or CD

May 17, 2018Blog, Guest posts

If you are a photographer and are constantly creating beautiful images of the world, you surely want to keep that data saved somewhere. Most people use portable data drives for data storage which is a good alternative. However, if you want to show a particular project or pictures to a client or anyone else, you will be handing them all of your work in the drive. In such cases, it is best to have a separate place where all of your data is kept and it is safe to share it with your clients or friends.

Why it is important to create a backup on a DVD or CD

People use DVDs and CDs to save their portfolio and let their customers and client go through the data easily. Apart from that, you can save the RAW image files with you and can use it later on if you want. Even though all of these tasks can be performed using a regular portable drive as well, however, there are many times when you need to save your project files saved separately in a CD, DVD or Blu-Ray. Previously, burning a DVD or CD was done by professionals, however, there are many software using which you can you can burn your own DVDs with your projects. You can get them from various sites like Burnworld.Com. These sites allow their users to burn the DVDs or Blu-Ray from any system like Windows or Mac.

Not only saving the pictures but organizing your projects according to the projects or photoshoots give your clients a very professional impression. You can access the files whenever you want and you won’t be needing to go through several folders on your system or hard drive. Your burned DVDs will also serve the purpose of a backup in case you lose the original files somehow. You can also keep a backup of your other software, tutorials and study notes as well. Any data which is important to a person and is confidential as well should be saved separately. There are many other ways of creating backups but the best among all so far seems to be through DVDs since it is affordable and can be easily done by a person him/herself.

Creating backups and storing your information in extra places is truly important for anyone. Be it a student, a photographer, a programmer or a project manager. If you don’t create backups of your projects there are chances that you may end up losing your work in case you lose your main system. People who use hard drives for the storage of their data tend to delete old items and add new to the drive, damage the memory of the drive meanwhile. The drives also tend to get affected by viruses or malware and can get corrupt easily. A hardworking student, programmer, designer, or engineer who has spent hours to work and create a design for their project cannot afford to lose it just like that. To save yourself from such unfortunate situations, it is best to create a separate backup on a DVD or CD and burn your data on it.


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