Do I Need a GPU?

May 21, 2018Blog, Graphic, Guest posts

3 Reasons You May Want a GPU…

… even if you only have a laptop! When you are buying a computer (or laptop) and are looking around at all the many options, one thing which will come up time and time again is whether the computer comes with its own dedicated GPU (or graphics card), which will leave you wondering if you need it.

Do I Need a GPU?

It is a tough decision and one which carries a lot of weight. GPUs are not cheap and the computers which come with them are often a little more expensive, but this can be worth the extra expense depending on what you are going to be using your new computer for.

If you want to do a bit of extra research in addition to this, we recommend GPU Nerd Guide, a website and blog packed full of useful resources. Here are three key reasons why you should be investing in a computer or laptop which comes with a GPU:

#1: They’re Great (and Essential) for Gaming

The most obvious reason for having a GPU in a computer relates to gaming. If you are a gamer or are interested in buying some games for your computer, a GPU is non-negotiable; you need to have one installed. Your games will run without one, albeit poorly (and some may not run at all).

It’s only really older gaming titles which don’t require a GPU, and even in these situations, a GPU can still provide a great performance boost. A GPU provides your machine with the ability to render and process all the fancy graphics found in modern gaming titles with extraordinary ease.

#2: Artists Need One Too

Although Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator – and other artsy apps – don’t require a GPU, they really do improve the overall performance of these apps on systems which have one. In fact, these apps are designed to make use of a GPU (should there be one available) to speed up the whole design and rendering process tremendously.

If you are an artist who produces highly detailed pieces or creates 3D objects, a GPU is a big plus and can save you a lot of time by making the design process a whole lot more fluid and more responsive.

#3: Better Video Rendering

If you are looking at going into video production, a GPU is a great investment here too. A GPU will dramatically increase the speed at which any videos you make in video editing software render.

You can still do this without a GPU, but you will find that it takes much longer and does not render as good as it could be. Large video files (without a GPU) can take hours to render, with even the biggest videos using a GPU taking an hour or two.

Although not everybody needs a GPU on their computer or laptop, if you are a gamer or produce any artwork, a GPU can dramatically improve the overall performance and speed of your computer.


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