Do you need Analytics for your WordPress site?

Jan 20, 2020Blog, Guest posts, Webdesign, WordPress

Almost every blogger on the planet is aware that the contents of a website including ratings, comments and posts are crucial to the success of their website. However, it is also important that you include useful statistics on this list. The post on the blog is must be constructed in such a way that it is easy to read and engaging. The comments of blog visitors help build a community on your WordPress site. The ratings help tell others looking for content similar to yours whether they will find your post helpful or not.

How then does analytics help your WordPress site, and does it even help at all?

Do you need Analytics for your WordPress site?

The role Analytics play in your WordPress site

It is true that the contents of any WordPress site are important. However, what is the use of developing content for visitors to your site that you have no way of keeping track of? This is where analytics come in. Analytics plugins play a crucial role in the development of your WordPress site. For starters, they give you the exact count of whoever visits your blog at any given time.

However, this is just a slice of what analytics have to offer your WordPress site. Analytics data were unavailable to WordPress sites for a long time prior to the year 2005. Shortly after that, several analytics plugins came onto the scene which then left the blogger a variety of plugins to choose from. Visit ActiveWizards to learn more.

After the arrival of these analytics plugins, every blogger could now take advantage of the statistics about their website for different aims. For instance, if you notice very few people are visiting your site through the data from the analytics plugin you are using, you can easily change your content writing approach. In fact, analytics will inform you about the posts that people are most attracted to on your site by telling you the number of people that visited each particular post. This then will help guide the blogger on how to improve the other blogposts.

Here are a few roles that analytics play on your WordPress site

  • The WordPress site statistics provided by analytics will help inform you about the number of visitors you get to your site.
  • It will give you precise info on the posts that people view the most on your site.
  • It will also help narrow down the location of everyone that visits your site. This location is not precise but informative. For instance, you will be able to tell the country, state, or city that most of your visitors come from.

One of the advantages of analytics on your WordPress site is the way in which these stats are presented. You can view the ways visitors interact with your site either through lists, charts or graphs. The way you choose to view these stats is totally up to you.

In conclusion, it is not the end of the world if you decide not to take advantage of analytics for your WordPress site. However, you will be missing out on vital data that will help you improve your website.


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