Alternatives to Clickfunnels – What are the Benefits?

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Are your online sales not increasing in the way you expected? After setting up a business, many business owners realize that it takes much more than a simple digital marketing strategy to turn more internet users into their customers. Therefore, the latest trend in digital marketing is using sales funnel software which helps you promote and sell your products, aiming to increase your number of consumers which eventually leads to increasing your online sales.

This software is particularly useful for novice businesses, which have just emerged on the market. Apart from Clickfunnel, which is one of the most popular funnel builders, there’re other clickfunnels alternatives you can employ to give your business a boost.

Alternatives to Clickfunnels - What are the Benefits?

These are their main benefits.

Efficient funnel building

Unlike the traditional sales funnel, the digital one evolves in a faster and more efficient way, representing the path of the customer from the moment it becomes aware of your business to the moment he/she makes a purchase. Awareness is actually the first phase of the funnel, when people get acquainted with your products or services for the first time.

In case they find them interesting, the next stage is developing an interest and learning more information on what you have to offer. People most commonly find this information by opening your advertisements or by going through the content on your blog.

After gaining enough knowledge on your products or services, some prospects enter the stage of making a decision on whether to make a purchase or not. At this point, potential customers have to be persuaded that purchasing something would be a wise decision, by providing them with an incentive in the form of discount or free coupons which they can use for further shopping.

The antepenultimate phase is the actual process of making the purchase, which is followed by the extremely significant stage of keeping your customers. Although this is the last step of the funnel, it’s equally difficult as the first one.

Funnel customers

In order to retain your new buyers, you can use the data provided by the software, regarding their preferences and shopping habits. It helps you keep in touch with everyone who once bought something from you, by sending them relevant offers of products or services which they’re likely to buy. Read more about the reason behind businesses collecting consumer data and its usage.

The sales funnel software actually tracks the path of each prospect and makes analysis of every single stage. Naturally, not all prospects are going to arrive to the final stage, but at least you’ll have insight on which phase causes the most problems. In which stage they give up the most? What can you do to improve that particular step? The software will help you answer these questions, thus improving your sales.

Saves valuable time

In the business world, time equals money, which means the more time you waste on unsuccessfully trying to increase your sales, the more money you lose in the process. Therefore, implementing a landing page software presents the perfect solution for boosting the number of potential consumers. It provides you with templates, which you can easily customize and create as many landing pages as you want. Apart from the landing pages, you’re supposed to integrate some applications as well, thus enhancing the chances for success.

In case you’re looking for an even more time-effective solution, you can pay an additional cost and get premium layouts which provide better chances of converting prospects into consumers. Implementing this kind of software saves you a great amount of time, otherwise spent on employing a team of developers who would take much longer to build the perfect funnel.

Alternatives to Clickfunnels

Provides an email list of potential customers

The funnel software will also aid you to compose a list of your prospects’ emails. The most common way of getting their emails is by using a sign-up procedure in which people need to fill in a form, where they include their email as well as other useful information.

The form is created in accordance with your preferences in order to collect all the necessary data which can be later used to transform leads into customers. Visit this link:, to discover more about the importance of email marketing.

It’s cost-efficient

Landing page software is going to save you money from several aspects. You’ll avoid the cost of hiring developers, designers and all the other experts required to make the funnel work. Also, if your funnel turns out to be successful, you’ll no longer need other marketing tools, which means reducing additional costs.

Wrap up

Employing sales funnel software as an automated marketing tool for your business, guarantees greater success than using any other marketing method. Purchasing this software might be the best business decision you’ll ever make!


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