Tips in Ecommerce Funnel Optimization

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In a perfect world, people all around the globe are aware that your brand exists and they love buying only from you most of the time. Read more about brands when you click here. But this is not how it is in the real world. You need to compete with hundreds of thousands of brands that sell the same products as yours. You need to attract customers that have attention spans of less than a minute and you need to stand out from the crowd.

Tips in Ecommerce Funnel Optimization

This is where funnels come into the picture. When it comes to eCommerce, funnels won’t exactly convert ALL your traffic into sales. Some of the people who became interested in your product may turn to another brand, or you may not be able to convert some of the people who signed up on your site into customers.

But funnels help a lot.

A good funnel will make people aware of your brand, and you can turn them into repeat customers. Ideally, you’ll want everyone to become aware of your website. They should then consider your services or products, then click the add to cart button, and enter their credit card information. They should do this all over again while continuing to buy only from your brand.

The above is the ideal scenario, but these steps can only be possible when you understand the basics. We need to look at several stages in funneling traffic into your site. You can know more information about funnels when you visit ecommerce funnel optimization sites where you can get in-depth information such as factors that can contribute to your site’s sales.

Stages of Funnels

Brand Awareness

Most of the people in this stage visit your social media pages and website because they found something interesting. They might also stumble upon your brand while searching for something in Google or Bing. These people are interested in what you offer, but they don’t know your brand yet.

What you need to do in the awareness stage is to look for pain points of people. You have to make them see that they need something and that your brand can provide them ease and comfort in their everyday lives. What you can do is to post blogs or epic content that are interesting and helpful. You can add videos about tips and tricks on a niche so that people will consider you an authority on a particular subject.

Product Interests

In the interest stage, most of your potential customers are now interested in what you have to offer them. They are now aware of your company, and they are considering whether to buy your products or not. Most of these people are now aware that they have a need and that your products can potentially solve this need.

What you can do in this stage is to make sure that they subscribe to your emails and newsletters. You can connect with them on your social media accounts and offer advice on how they can solve their problems with the help of your products. Creating free e-books and informational videos should be your focus on this stage.

Purchasing from your Site

In the purchase stage or online shopping, most of your potential customers are ready to buy the products that you are offering, but they are still unsure of whether you are the best company that can provide them with what they need. Know more about online shopping here: Most buyers are aware that your brand exists, and they know that they have a pain point that needs solving. What you can do is to convince them that you are better compared to your other competitors.

Your job at this stage is to make sure that you are a trusted seller, you offer guarantees, and if you previously received awards, you need to publish it as well. It can be helpful if you have received a lot of positive reviews from your previous customers. You can also seal the deal when you provide exclusive discounts to anyone who is planning to buy from your site.

Repeat Customers

After a customer has successfully bought your products or services, you need to convince them to become regulars in your store. The people at this stage have already purchased from you at least once. You need to provide an enjoyable experience for them so that they can become your repeat customers, and they can even recommend your brand to their friends and families. What to do at this stage is to give them an outstanding experience and excellent customer service so that they will come to you repeatedly.


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