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May 25, 2018Blog, Guest posts, Webdesign

Have you ever dreamed of having your own blog, but never been sure about what subject you could share your thoughts and feelings on? If the answer is yes and you also happen to like sports, then why not give sports blogging a go?

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There are countless sports blogs emanating from every single country in the world with an internet connection. Whether it be a blog dedicated to a certain team, one centring around a specific event or one reporting all the news and results of an individual, sports blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and feelings with like-minded individuals with the same interest as you.

Sound good? Here’s how to start a sports blog.

Decide what you want to focus on

What is your blog going to focus on? You might already know the answer to that if you support a certain NFL team or follow a particular individual on the ATP World Tour. If you aren’t sure what you want to blog about, then select something you are both knowledgeable and interested in. There is little point starting a blog about pickleball and trying to carry out the Best Pickleballpaddle Reviews if you know nothing about the sport. Likewise, attempting to write about minor league hockey if it is just going to bore you will mean you give up on the venture very quickly.

Come up with a name and URL for your blog

The number of websites online passed the one billion mark in September 2014, which means finding a name and domain for yours can be tricky. You’ll need to come up with plenty of ideas, but as a general rule, short, sharp, memorable names and URL’s work best. If the sports team you are writing about are famous for having a team anthem, then why not some of the lyrics from that? It will help other fans of the team remember your site and domain and provide a short and snappy address.

Plan how you are going to post

Regular postings are what will help drive traffic to your blog and get you noticed. Decide how often you want to blog and what sort of content. If you are writing about Roger Federer for example, will you merely report on his matches? Why not set aside every Thursday for a look at a classic match of his and always post a review of his past week on Monday. Structured, frequent posts like that will let visitors know that if they log onto your site on specific days, they will always find new content which is a good way to start enticing a regular audience to visit.

Get the hang of SEO

Once you are up and running and posting regularly, you can then start worrying about SEO. By writing your posts in a certain way, they will become more visible to Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other search engines out there. Ultimately, the goal is to get your blog highly ranked by search engines so that fellow fans of whichever team, individual or sport you are blogging about can find you.


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