Digital display is something you’ve probably noticed without even realizing what it was. Digital signage can be seen in restaurants, retail shops, hotels and many other locations.

Most digital signage is used by businesses to give their visitors entertainment, education or even enlightenment. The displays are used to capture the attention of the visitors while also showing them additional ways the business or organization can further help them.

For some companies the goal is to upsell the visitors with additional services or products. For others the goal is to get additional donations or contributions. Whatever the goal is one thing is sure, digital signage is a great way to get the attention of the people in the physical location while getting them to take action.

For designers, digital signage offers a unique opportunity. If you are looking for an additional way to make money from existing clients or to even bring in new business you can offer digital signage design services. Some of your clients might want to have it, but don’t know where to get it.

Since digital signage design is a lot like website design it’s an easy transition for you and a great way to increase your revenue streams.

Here are 10 examples of effective digital signage for your inspiration.

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children

The Arnold Palmer Hospital did a great job with this display. First, the design uses some great color contrasts. As the viewer you immediately notice the areas where you can select on the touchscreen. The blue, red and green buttons are easy to see as is the logo of the sponsor, MasterCard.

With each digital sign there is a goal just as there is with a website or email design. Here the goal is to promote the Arnold Palmer Invitational and its sponsor. There is also a call to action that raises awareness and money for the hospital. It’s a clear benefit for the people that like the Facebook page. These are all wins for the brand accomplished through the digital sign.

Texas State University

Texas State University

The first thing that stands out about this digital sign is the color scheme. The browns make it seem like you’re in Texas, which is important because Texans are proud of their state and everything it’s known for.

For this display the university wanted to have a moving element, which turned into the TV area. You can see where the TV area of the screen is on this image. The TV can be programmed to play live TV or it can play a recorded video. This gives the university the flexibility to control the message. The video is a great way to get the attention of people walking past the sign on campus.

You can also see the commodities listed on the right. These are great for folks that are taking courses in the business field. They can check their stocks on the way to and from class. It’s a quick little notice that makes them stop and get their updates.

Indiana State University Executive Express

Indiana State University Executive Express

Restaurants are great for digital signage. The menu is something that can change from time to time and the digital sign allows for this flexibility.

Here is a great example from Indiana State University. For their executive dining restaurant they created a simple menu that shows all the options for food and drink. The menu itself is nothing special, but the design is appealing.

Restaurant menus are difficult. It’s important for the design to fit the mood the customer is in when they’re ready to order. You don’t want people to think they can’t afford the meal – in this case – but you want them to feel like they’re getting good food.

The color scheme here is light and appealing. The orange works well to stand out against a regular background while the selection is easy to read so customers can read it from the ordering counter.

Perhaps the biggest success of this design is that anyone looking at the digital sign can know within a second what’s offered – salads, burgers and drinks. That’s all you need to know to make a decision that you’re ready to purchase lunch.

New York City Police Department

New York City Police Department

Sometimes the simple designs are the most appealing. In this case the NYPD, one of the most well-known organizations in the world, uses their digital signage to direct foot traffic. Someone that visits the headquarters can find where they’re going quickly and efficiently. This saves on frustration in the lobby and saves the department money from having to hire people to direct the visitors.

The NYPD used a washed out background on their signs in this case, but I like the white background. It makes it easy to read the text, which is what the visitors are looking for in this case. You don’t always need to get crazy with the design. You can simply match the brand owning the digital sign and accomplish something that is beautiful and simple.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology

What’s really cool about the Stevens design is the live streaming Twitter feed. Digital displays have the ability to use feeds from anywhere on the Web. You can use Twitter, Foursquare, RSS and any other kind of feed. If you want to bring in news from Google on a certain topic or CNN it can be done.

For now, though, Stevens is using their Twitter feed. It’s a great way to keep the display updated for passersby. Every time students walk past they’ll see something new. The screen with the highlights from the La Crosse game can even be rotating videos that showcase the talents of the various teams or clubs on the campus.

If you look close you’ll also notice the “touch here” button in the lower left. That’s great use of the touchscreen integration.

Bull and Bear Investment Camp

Bull and Bear Investment Camp

The Bull and Bear Investment Camp for kids is all about getting kids interested in investing. The digital sign needed to share the fun nature of the camp so that parents and kids looking at it could connect with the overall goal of the camp.

This one is a simple design, but the goal is accomplished. Charts and rolling stock quotes are streamed on the sign, which is exactly what this camp is about. You get the kids excited about the stocks while keeping the mood fun and engaging.

Villanova University

Villanova University

Villanova incorporated some great elements into their design. First, notice how the dark design color template works well against the reddish background. One thing with digital signage is the background setting of the monitor. Ask your clients what the background will look like. This allows you to create a design that goes well and stands out.

You can see that Villanova wanted to include stock updates. They stream in live TV from CNN at the top right including the closed captions. You could use the volume, but if that would be too distracting this is a great option for clients.

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals

Sports teams, even local teams, are great clients for digital signage. The concession stand areas are perfect for the displays. Here you can see how the Kansas City Royals use their digital display.

First, notice the live feed from the scoreboard at the top right. This is what people will want to see. Next, check out the live feed from ESPN. For fans that are getting a snack or running to use the restroom they can check scores of the other games.

But most importantly notice the upselling space the Royals are using. They’re promoting the fan club on the left and another event at the bottom. This is perfect use of the digital signage to accomplish a goal.

Soldier Field

Soldier Field

Soldier Field is where the Chicago Bears of the NFL play their home games. It’s another example of a professional sports team using digital signage.

In this example the field is using an entire display for their monitors. On the screen on the right is a live TV feed from the NFL Network. On the left is a more interactive design where passersby can stop and see the stats from various games. It’s a great way to add value to the people at the stadium.

Also notice the streaming ticker at the top. This is another great way for your clients to get attention in their offices, stores or shops.

Furrs Family Dining

Furrs Family Dining

Finally we have another restaurant. This time the Furrs Family Dining restaurant used a basic template, but it works really well. The Furrs restaurant knows that price is important for their customers. The price is the biggest element on the design.

Also highlighted are the various logos of the drink selection. It makes it easy for people to see what is offered before they even sit down at the table. It makes things faster and more efficient. That means happier customers and a more profitable business.

Some Final Thoughts

Digital signage is a great way for your company to increase revenue. It’s easy for designers to transition from web design to digital signage design. The basic design principles are the same. There are just a few differences like the size of the monitor and the idea that people aren’t only looking at the monitor. This means you’ll have to consider the surrounding elements of the monitor.

Hopefully these designs inspire you to start offering digital designs. Your clients may already be looking for it. You can be there to help them.

Image Credits: Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Texas State University, Indiana State University Dining, New York Police Department, Stevens Institute of Technology, Bull and Bear Investment Camp, Villanova University, Kansas City Royals, Soldier Field, Furrs Family Dining

Todd Hemme

Todd Hemme is a Director at Rise Vision, a free digital signage Web platform. He has years of experience in the digital display industry including experience working with top designers and business leaders on their digital signage campaigns. To learn more about the free digital signage platform that can help your design business click here.


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