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Joomla is one of the most popularly used CMS in the realm of internet today. A lot of people looking for an online presence put their faith in Joomla. However, there are a few common questions that plague the mind. Here are a few of those questions, being answered by Joomla masters, Ryan Ozimek, the president of Open Source Matters, and Louis Landry, an associate of the Joomla production leadership team.

What is the Scope for Joomla developers?

According to Ryan, one of the predominant reasons for Joomla’s popularity is that it is Open Source License Software. This means it is built by developers and sold commercially, provided it adheres to the norms of the license. With the huge community base, Joomla actually enables its developers to create more and more niche products to suit the client’s requirements.

He states that the objective is to make the framework free of cost so that when people outsource Joomla development, whatever builds as the cost of the solution is purely based on the efforts of the developer himself. This means that the framework is free of cost and the amount payable is actually only the amount required for customization. This considerably reduces the total costs paid by the business owners and thence proves to be a win-win situation for both the developers and the business owners.

How is the acceptance of Open Source Projects?

According to Louis, in the recent past, many entrepreneurs saw open source as a huge threat to their business. The common misconception was, if the people are to get these things for free, how are we to do business?

However, now people have grown to understand the fact that it is the open source community is a vast one. And that this community consists of people who are passionate about the projects on hand. So, getting work out of this Open source community makes so much more sense, because people who are genuinely interested in and are passionate about the projects are investing their time and energies towards it.

Are people even writing Haikus about Joomla?

From as far as we have known, poetry and the world of technology have stood as far away from each other as possible, and happily so. Poetry is so full of passion and inexplicable emotions, and technology on the other hand; passionate it is, but also absolutely methodical, measured and logical. So what is this buzz about haikus being written about Joomla?

A recent study shows that Joomla has been asking users to submit Haikus if interested. According to Ryan, there is a huge community of Joomla users who are extremely passionate about it (and this could mean writing poetry!).

It’s almost like a hippie project that the Joomla forum has come up with in order to encourage people to write more and more about their love for Joomla.

Why is Joomla such a favorite?

As per Ryan, Joomla functions almost like an adhesive, bringing together the entire community that uses this open source in order to proceed through to other business systems as well. It also enables the internal systems to integrate within itself. Louis states that it has become a predominantly used tool that allows the business owners to simply be a part of the whole Joomla open source project. This solves the generic problems by itself, allowing them to focus their attention and energies towards their actual business.


Initially an Open source was (or probably still is) installed with the knowledge of the database. But, if you have a simple tool like Joomla, everything becomes a lot simpler. There are other open source projects also available that are extremely user-friendly and do not require a stringent knowledge of the technology in order to install it. This means, that Joomla is, by the passing day, reaching more and more number of people in an increasingly beneficial way. This is one of the major reasons for Joomla’s popularity!

Summary: This is a quick review of some predominant questions regarding Joomla as answered by Ryan Ozimeck, the president of Open Source Matters and by Louis Landry, an associate of the Joomla Production Leadership team.

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