Where Web Design And Sport Cross Over

Jun 25, 2012Blog, Guest posts, Webdesign

When one thinks about web design, seeing it as having similarities with sport is not usually a comparison that is made but, believe it or not, there are plenty of ways in which the two realms cross over. Many of the tips and rules that sporting teams adhere to to guarantee success can also be used for similar achievements in the web design industry. Don’t believe me? Keep reading!

You need to put together a team that shares a common goal

Don’t be one of those people that believe they have to do everything by themselves – join a team (if you haven’t already) and save yourself some time in trying to become a ‘jack-of-all-trades’. Whilst this is not to say that you need to join a team that specifically works in web design, it is saying that you need other people around to promote and support you – why not make some handy industry contacts, such as a web developer, online marketer and even a content writer? There’s a kickass team in the making already! At the same time as putting a team together, however, it is important that each of your members understands what is expected of them (much like to different positions on a sporting field or court).

Instead of blaming each other for mistakes, just fix them

It is a fact of life that not everything will go just as you planned them; in fact, they often go in the complete opposite direction. Instead of pointing the finger at other people in your team, however, just retain your focus and do your best to resolve the situation. Remember the saying ‘there are no excuses, just solutions’? This is 110% true in the web design industry; if you are getting feedback that suggests your team is exhibiting a lack of creativity, don’t blame it on a ‘rut’, just jump back in and find new ways to be inspired (much like how a sporting team that is consistently performing badly must get back out there every week and try harder).

Stick with your work and don’t give up

Remember that long-term web design success doesn’t just happen over night, and it is for this reason that you should not be afraid to fail. In saying this, however, it is important to stop yourself from becoming discouraged (especially if you are managing to attract plenty of clients but aren’t able to close any deals). This does not mean that you should give up – by sticking with it, you will eventually find the clients who are willing to pay your rates and will end up attracting more this way. It may also help to take a look at your ‘game plan’ and assess what is and isn’t working (much like a sporting coach would when his team keeps losing).

Remember that there are no shortcuts to success

As mentioned above, web design success does not occur over night and there is no way to get around this. Don’t waste your time or money buying books and reading endless articles on how to ensure success – the only way to achieve this is to forge your own path and, as number three suggests, stick with it. Focus on honing your skills and providing the best quality websites and service to your clients and success will come with time. Take a leaf out of the books of the multitude of new sporting teams out there who have to fight for fans and for glory.

As you can see, web design and sport do actually cross over in a number of areas and, if you are a designer, there are a number of things that you can learn from the sporting teams you like to watch on television. Whilst your design team can’t stand around the change room singing your club song, you can all pull together and focus on being as successful as possible.

John Taylor

John has been working as a freelance writer for Infinite IT Solutions. They have been providing excellent web development and web design Melbourne services to their clients for a decade now.

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