Despite the gap still present between men and women in tech, the World Wide Web is actually filled with great women who are assuming important roles in different parts of the industry. In WordPress themes, for example, there are a lot of female designers and developers who are excelling. Most of them get into the industry after completing a science or tech degree, such as the online masters in computer science that top universities such as the New Jersey Institute of Technology are now offering.

Although the gap is still there, the market is making real efforts to close it. Online degrees are certainly helping women to get into the tech industry, and there are more programming activities and hackathons geared towards young women in middle school too. The rise of female gamers is also a great sign that the gap is closing.

You can learn more about Women in Computer Science from the complete infographic by the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Women in Tech and the World Wide Web

NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology – Online MSCS

James Daniels

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