The advancements in the World Wide Web industry are actually creating a big impact in other parts of our lives as well. Mobile commerce, for instance, has been made possible thanks to better use of technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. The same impact can also be seen across the healthcare industry, with healthcare IT now making patients and healthcare providers more in sync than ever. According to studies by the University of Cincinnati and its masters in health informatics department, healthcare IT has made it possible for the industry to reduce fragmentation, allowing patients to understand more of the process and be more involved.

The use of healthcare support systems such as Electronic Health Records or EHRs is also reducing healthcare costs while improving patient care at the same time. These systems are being implemented across the industry at the moment.

You can learn more about The Anatomy of a Health IT Ecosystem from the complete infographic by the University of Cincinnati.

How Web Technology Is Improving Healthcare

How Web Technology Is Improving Healthcare

James Daniels

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