How to use Keyword Phrases in Alt Tags

Keyword Phrases in Alt Tags

Hover mouse over Image for Keyword Phrase or Alt Tag

One of my readers recently asked me about Alt Tags and captions in Images. Here is what he asked:

“There are heaps of little things in WordPress that I still don’t know if I’m doing right. For example when you load an image there are alternate text, caption and description that come up. Do these need to be completed or just left blank? Do let me know and thanks Andy.”

OK now the quick answer is yes, they do need to be completed and this is why. In a previous post here, I mentioned the importance of Keyword Phrases and why we must use them. In that post there is one vitally important instruction which is as follows:

“Use an image and Title it, Name it, and Alt tag it with your KWP”(Keyword Phrase).

The reason we do this with Images is because it helps us with SEO. Google searches through the titles, names and alt tags in Images because it cannot ‘read’ or ‘see’ the image itself. So we have to tell Google what the image is about.

We do this by adding text in the box that says Alternate Text – what we call Alt Tag. It’s the same with videos. It’s very important to describe correctly what our Images and Videos are about. The best way to do this and a huge added advantage for SEO purposes, is to put our Keyword Phrase or KWP into the Alt Tags.

Adding Keyword Phrases into Title and Alt Tags

This video will show you how to add the Keyword Phrase to the Alt Tag/Text in your images:

What are Alt Tags and Text?

Wikipedia: Alt attribute
Wikipedia: Alternative text for images.

If you hover over the Image at the top you will see the Alt Tag shows up: ‘Keyword Phrases in Alt Tags.’ That’s because we added it into the Alt Tags box along with the Title in the Image section.

So if you remember to follow the above instructions each time you write a post with images, then you will be better rated with the search engines.

Also, use more Images. Remember that when you use images AND you add the Keyword Phrases into the Alt Tags, then this will be picked up by the Search Engines. Adding extra Images means you can use more Keyword and/or Keyword Phrases in your post which you can then put into the Alt Tag box.

Just so you have a reminder, here are the basics of SEO and Keyword Phrases in Alt Tags.

You will find more about KWP, Keyword phrase and Alt Tags in the videos here if you don’t have them already…

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Andy Moore

Andy Moore is an Internet Marketer from Build the Best Websites who gets the greatest pleasure from helping others with WordPress and how to build blogs and websites.


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