What every graphic designer should know about file formats

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As per the requirements of the clients, graphic designers need to submit the work in different formats. It is also important to know the right way to change one format to others. It may add versatility to your work and more opportunities to get success too.

What every graphic designer should know about formats

Few important graphic design file formats:

Portable Network graphics

Portable Network graphics This graphic is known as PNG and most commonly used one. These files come with the .png extension. They mostly used for images. Due to low resolution, this is ideal for website designing. They are mostly bitmap images with the lossless compression of data and have a transparent background.

TIF or tagged image file format

TIF or tagged image file format For image, photography or art storing, designers use this file format. This is practical for professional use or commercial printing. This is also the widely supported format for several platforms. When you are working with large size, high-quality images, you can select this type of format mostly.

GIF or graphic interchange format

GIF or graphic interchange format This format is known mostly for being low resolution and best for email and website purposes. Most of the browsers support this format and have a transparent background too.

JPEG of the joint photographic experts

JPEG of the joint photographic experts This is the compressed image file but there is no support of transparent backgrounds. The compression style may differ as per the resolution of the images, printing style or quality.


PSD Who use Photoshop in the graphic designer may use the PSD or Photoshop document. This raster format can be seen in the photos and graphics that you have created through Photoshop software. You can open such a format when using the software program. This is one of the most robust formats for graphic designers because of the different layers of it.

AI or Adobe Illustrator

AI or Adobe Illustrator AI graphic design has wide use in different corners of the world. It is comprised of different vector files but the designers produce new files with new size and format with it. Banner and sign companies, printers, promotional companies use this format mostly.

PDF or portable document format

PDF or portable document format This is the universal design format that comes with layout, fonts, images, fonts for all types of sourced documents. You can view, share or even can print than with the help of an Adobe Reader Software program and they have used in, digital, desktop or commercial printing.

EPS or Encapsulated PostScript

EPS or Encapsulated PostScriptTo transfer the images or artwork, most of the designers use this format. You can change the siz eof the files; can open them with various applications etc. Banner and sign companies, printers, creative people or the silk screeners use this format mostly because of its versatility.

These are the common graphic formats each designer deals with every day. It’s also important to know how to change formats if your client changed his requirements. You can save a file in a different format using certain Adobe software for each case, or use one of universal file convertes. Onlineconvertfree.com for example, works online and for free with any of these formats.


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