My fourth top 10 Illustrators, Photoshopers chart inspiration sorted in no special order.
Joshua Davis
01. Joshua Davis
Gianluca Fallone
02. Gianluca Fallone
James White
03. James White
Loren Palmer
04. Loren Palmer
John Latham
05. John Latham
Lia Nerina Santana, Esteban Pochintesta & Carlo Michelangelo Luetto
06. Lia Nerina Santana, Esteban Pochintesta & Carlo Michelangelo Luetto
Eli Bishop
07. Eli Bishop
Diogo Parrinha
08. Diogo Parrinha
Matei Apostolescu
09. Matei Apostolescu
Rik Oostenbroek
10. Rik Oostenbroek


Graphic and website designer, specialising in developing modern and responsive WordPress, PrestaShop custom themes. Currently, I attend to the maintenance of about thirty sites for existing clients as well as creating websites for the new ones.


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