The Basics of Animated Video Production

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We are living in a modern era where technology is like the glue that holds together several aspects of our daily lives. From entertainment to communication, almost all the content is digitalized and those that aren’t are slowly moving towards it.

The use of animated videos, for instance, is a popular trend that is gaining momentum in commercial industries.

Perhaps this can be attributed to its ability to entertain while conveying an important message to the audience thus being widely accepted. With that said, here are a few tips you can use when creating an animated video for business.

The Basics of Animated Video Production

Writing a script

This usually requires a meeting between the owner of the content and a video production company. This is the part where you tell them how you want the animation to be, including the message you want to put across.

You will be required to fill in some form or write down a brief document that contains the specifications that the producers should follow. It is this document that will be referred to in the scriptwriting process.

You ought to know your audience well enough so that you can come up with creative ideas of how best you can reach them. Thus thorough research is of essence.

Creating designs

This refers to the modeling of graphical representations from the script that was written. It can be done manually using pen and paper or automated using graphical software.

The designs are made based on your ideas combined with those of the professionals and so it is a close representation of what the final work will look like. Creativity is of utmost importance at this point as the uniqueness of the content relies on it.

After this has been done, it is sent to you as a preview to counter check whether your requirements have been met. If not then the necessary corrections are made. See this link to read more about the benefits of using animated videos in your business

Audio inclusion

To make it look more real, character voices and music are incorporated. This is carried out by voiceover artists for the narration and other voices. The choice of music is important as it depicts the nature of the brand behind the message.

For example, the tone for a security firm should be reassuring so as to make one feel safe and opt for their services, while that one for a dating site should be charming.

All these should be relatable to the target group hence it is advisable to use the language they understand best. Translations can be used wherever necessary.

Animating the material

This is the stage where all the works of the previous stages are put together to produce the animated video. It requires professionals so as to make everything blend in smoothly.

The storyboard designs and the audio content are combined using the animation software to give out the output. This is then finely tuned by various groups of experts such as graphic designers and sound engineers to ensure that the visuals synchronize with the sound.

Other necessary adjustments are also made to produce the final work which is then sent to you for verification purposes.

Animating the material

Additional information

For the whole process to be cost-effective and worthwhile, you need to make sure that the content is of high quality not only in terms of graphics but also the message.

It should be well-tailored for the audience and attractive enough to get the attention of as many people as possible. The video should be short, precise and engaging. This ensures that the information is passed to the people without boring them and is also retained for a long period.

Short ones also require less work and are more budget-friendly in comparison to longer ones. Click here to see a few tools you can use to make animated videos.


When it comes to video production, animation is a wide topic that is still being explored and reports new trends time after time. It is an art which like any other requires creativity and meticulous execution for it to be successful. All other emerging techniques in this sector are based on the basics described above. The best way to go about it is to master the fundamentals first before proceeding to the more sophisticated methods. It is also important to note the multiple uses that it has such as mass education, advertisement, and recreation.


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