Business owners are often caught perplexed, facing a dilemma of whether to choose a static business website or a custom site. Both the sites have gained equally in vogue in the web arena, but still taking a stand can be difficult, especially when it’s the question of establishing an unparalleled online reputation. This post explores the avenues of both static as well as custom web development to understand the paramount choice for your business portal.

Static or Customized!

Static or Customized! Which WP Site Will Suit Your Business?

The Pros and Cons of Static WP Sites


  • Static sites are more cost-efficient as they are easier to develop and the cost of hosting is also not involved.
  • There are least chances of making any errors even while you work on a completely unfamiliar system.
  • There is no need to learn about logging into the back panel of your site in order to add new pages or more content. You let the designer shoulder the responsibility, while you can concentrate on other core issues.
  • The results you get in a static site are more sophisticated and professional as compared to when you make the changes by yourself. You will achieve the flexibility and control that can be achieved from nowhere else.


  • You will have to shell out money for every change you wish to make in yours site. The cost might be very minimal but several changes could add up to a hefty bill.
  • The initial cost of development may be less but in the longer run your site could cost you a fortune as the maintenance and updating cost mounts up.
  • You lose the flexibility and control over situations as you will have to run to your designer for getting every minor change implemented.
  • The effort of running behind designers of the cost associated might stop you from getting your site updated. You may not also wish to add pages to your site and as a result, your site will become outdated.

Pros and Cons of Custom WP Sites


  • There is no need to compromise on your requirements as you opt for a custom website. You can get the look and feel as per your requisites and develop functionalities accordingly.
  • You get a unique design. You site will reflect your brand value and act as your online identity. You can customize your site in a manner that it is in sync with your other internet marketing strategies.
  • If there are certain website design and development concepts that you are unaware of, you need not panic. You can hire a professional who can perform the task for you and take the burden off your shoulders so that you can work on other things.


  • Custom WP sites can be expensive. Depending on the level of expertise and the years of experience a web designer can charge somewhere between $30 and $300 per hour to develop and maintain your website.
  • When you are no handling the design and development process yourself and are counting on a third party vendor to make the necessary changes, the development may take time. You can’t expect others to value time just as you do.

Both static and custom WordPress websites have their own share of pros and cons. It is up to you to make a decision as to which site will suit your business requisites as well as your budget. New sites may wish to opt for free templates until they have enough content to expand their room and get a site developed within their budget constraints.

On the other hand, established organizations might wish to develop custom websites that will align with their offline and online branding needs. Whatever your set of reasons may be, just give the above pros and cons a serious thought before you make the final move.

Joss Board

Joss Board is a specialist Web Designer at Markupcloud Ltd. a PSD Conversion Company. He possess a huge experience in technology domain and loves all things comes under web Design niche. He is trying to spread his intangible knowledge to maximum people he can, in order to make a parallel platform.


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