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Dec 20, 2018Blog, Featured, Webdesign, WordPress

On December 6, 2018, WordPress Version 5.0, named for jazz musician Bebo, was released to the public. WordPress 5.0 will revolutionize content editing with introduction of a new block editor and block editor-compatible default theme Twenty Nineteen.

WordPress 5.0 “Bebo”

The new Gutenberg WordPress Editor

This new editing experience provides a more consistent treatment of design as well as content. If you’re building client sites, you can create reusable blocks. This lets your clients add new content anytime, while still maintaining a consistent look and feel.

The new Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Twenty Nineteen Theme

WordPress 5.0 also includes the new minimal Twenty Nineteen theme. It is shipping with full Gutenberg support, both on the front and back-end.

Twenty Nineteen Theme


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