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Mar 31, 2012Blog, Guest posts, Webdesign, WordPress

Almost exactly 6 months ago, I told myself: “I need a change!” I needed something to get my teeth into and change my life. I was bored. My work was suffering. I hated my job. I dreaded Monday mornings. I had no money. No hope for the future. No chance of a holiday. In short – I desperately needed a change!

This remind you of anything? I bet it does.

So what has happened in those few short months to change my life?

  • I found a great interest – WordPress and have worked on it daily
  • I leap out of bed every morning expectantly
  • I love Mondays – a new week, new opportunities
  • I have great hope – a knowing – about the future
  • I will take a holiday this year
  • I have made a huge change in my life
  • I have even paid some bills

So how has learning WordPress helped me to achieve all this? You may be thinking, “I’ve seen your site. It’s no big deal.”

You’re right. It isn’t fantastic but that’s not the important thing. The important thing is that it just shows the beginner what can be achieved in a very short time. Many people have now downloaded the WordPress videos and have started on the same journey I did 6 short months ago. Have you? Maybe it’s not your thing. That’s OK.

Here’s what happened. Stay with me here…

Like you, I look at Social Media – Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn. I have met many people from all over the world which I really enjoy. Due to this, and especially my learning and involvement with WordPress, I am being asked to help people with their sites and how to build them. This gives me the greatest pleasure, seeing people come from having huge fear and no belief, to achieving wonderful looking sites that glow with vibrance.

Let me show you a free blog site before and a hosted one after. Just look at the difference in quality of the two. After only a few months of learning a new skill, I was able to help Carmen change her site from this: to this

Which one would you rather look at? You just have to admit which is the one most people will want to visit. It’s the one full of vibrancy and colour – it’s alive!

And the cost to Carmen? About $30-40 a month! Is that all, you may ask? Yes!

Now believe me, if I can show people how to get a site up like this within a few short months, anyone can. And that means you! Do you need a change? Are you looking for a challenge?

So what’s that mean? It means if you learned about WordPress and what it can do, you can build a colourful, vibrant site like this anytime you want. Not only that, you can then teach others how to do it too. Your change has arrived!

Here’s what I want you to do – today!

1. Buy a Domain name here – Namecheap $10-15 for a year

2. Get it hosted here – Hostgator $7-8 per month

3. Get autoresponder email here – Aweber $19.95 per month

So you have the basics to build your site right there for a mere $30 a month. What are you waiting for? Get your site now and build it. Learn as you go. Just Do It!

Here is what is happening in my life now and what you can be doing very shortly:

  • I am working on a site for Training days
  • I am working on a site for Private One on One Tuition and Coaching on Skype
  • I have three Training days planned over the next few months
  • I will be doing webinars on how to’s
  • I am teaching others how to use WordPress
  • I am now a member of a local business circle which is asking me to do WordPress Workshops for beginners
  • I am an Affiliate for two dozen products which have started earning me money
  • my very patient mentor – yes, we’ve all got one even Richard Branson – has persuaded me to get Optimize Press, the best WordPress Theme in the universe.
  • I meet new people daily and develop a great rapport
  • I am full of new ideas after reading loads of great stuff
  • I will be changing my site Build the Best Websites to a more suitable Theme, making it bigger with more content and pages. There will be lots more information and helpful hints to get you going. Watch this space.
  • my self esteem is back – where did that go?

Wow, did I need a change? I’m alive again and I want you to be too.

It is natural to feel nervous as we begin to learn something new. A change like this may seem awesome to you. But, trust me, it is such a feeling of freedom. And the sense of accomplishment is mind blowingly energizing. You will feel like a million dollars when you’ve made that change and you get results. I promise you.

My main priority is to help you get to that stage as fast as possible.

You may be asking yourself, “How much is this guy earning after 6 months hard work?” The honest answer is – NOTHING! Yet. Or very little anyway.

But you know what? I don’t care. Because I have so much faith in the future and what it will bring. I know the money will come when it’s ready. I can wait. It’ll come when I’ve earned it. But I have to earn it first…!

Yes, I get the occcasional $8 here or there for an affiliate sale. But I have great faith in what Napoleon Hill has always maintained and that is Pay it Forward. The returns will come.

It has taken me 6 months of hard work – only 6 months – to get to this stage. And that is part-time rememember. I now know I will be able to quit the day job by the end of this year. I have set a target for 31 July to do WordPress training and coaching full time or when I want to. I will quit my day job as soon as possible.

You know, I think one of life’s greatest tragedies is all the great talent going to waste working for other people. Why do we do this to ourselves. Most people are miserable working for someone or something that we hate.

Why do we keep going to this place of work which takes up ten hours a day, five days a week just to earn a few pennies so we can come home, sleep and go and do the same useless, yes useless, stuff again the next day? Are we crazy? We are like automatons or drones. Think Groundhog Day!

Go to work for yourself today. Even if it means staying up til late to do it. Learn what you can about your chosen, yes chosen, way to go. Think about where you want to be in 6 months or 1 year. It goes very quick. too quick! Make a start toward that new freedom by building your first site.

I will leave you with this profound statement that, I hope, will get you to make that change. Ready? Here it is.

You are NEVER going to win the lottery!

Go For It!

Andy Moore

Original post: Need A Change? | Build the Best Websites

Andy Moore

Andy Moore is an Internet Marketer from Build the Best Websites who gets the greatest pleasure from helping others with WordPress and how to build blogs and websites.

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