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If you are like me, and you’re eager to start investing in stock and real-estate but you’re scared to death because you don’t know anything and you’re a beginner, there are some great tools out there that will help you with your investments. If you want to start investing but you’re afraid you’ll fail, play smart by using just the right tools. There are loads of investing apps that just might be your ticket to freedom and wealth. I researched a lot and I was a bit unsure after hours online as I was before I started. Finally, after testing out a couple of apps, I came across this Best of list from Appgrooves. This list just made it easier to see exactly what I needed to look for in investing apps so I decided to use it as a reference for my reviews.

List of 10 Apps for Investors

Here are my top picks for the 3 best apps that might help you with your investment venture. I tested out almost all on the list and ended up with these 3. So let’s start.

Make it simple with Fidelity Investments

If you’re up for skipping the lines you can check out Fidelity Investments. I like how easy is to get connected to an investment expert through the representative connection feature, someone who will show you the ropes, quick and easy. The information you get might not be as helpful to more experienced investors (although you can always learn new things). But for beginners, this can provide a great starting point. And, once you’ve actually made your investment choices, you can watch your progress with a simple news feed tailored specifically to you. So I definitely recommend this one to people who are just starting as it provides a nice segue to the world of investment. I’m not saying more experienced people can’t use it (it’s good all around), but first-timers can definitely get more out of it.

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One thing I was a bit disappointed with is that I think the security (fingerprint mainly) could be tighter. Now, I don’t want this to be the breakpoint for you, it’s not that the security is bad, it’s good, but everything can always be a bit better. And when it comes to investment, security should be one of the top priorities. Nevertheless, Fidelity is definitely worth checking out if you need a helpful investment tool. This is just a minor complaint I felt should be mentioned as I believe if many users have the same issue, they’ll fix it sooner than later. Since it’s already a good app, why not get even better, right?

Stocks, Forex, Bitcoin, Ethereum will further your investment knowledge

If you’re ready to venture out even further in the investing world, check out Stocks, Forex, Bitcoin, Ethereum. Now, I got to say, I wasn’t too impressed by the name and I almost let it pass because of this. But since it holds the 3rd place on the above list, I thought to test out anyway. And I got to say, what they lack in name, they do compensate in service. This is great for people who want to keep tabs on the latest market trends, as well as breaking stock news. Customizable push notifications and phone widgets make eas to stay updated (in case you’re lazy like me and you want your information readily accessible). So overall, it’s more like a handy extra tool to get the information you need alongside your main investment tool. Since they focus on bringing important information I definitely think it’s good to have it on your device. But, in case you already have a trusted app for this and you’re only looking for an app that lets you invest, you can skip it.

One thing I noticed after using the app a couple of weeks is the news cycles faster than the app. Meaning, the updates on the widget do get delayed from time to time. It’s certainly not a deal-breaking delay, but it does happen. I guess it has to do with swift changes in the market, but who knows. One quick fix I was able to find is to simply go straight for the app or closing and opening the widget. It’s not the “tech-savvy” solution, but it helps. Also, keep in mind I noticed this only with the widget. The push notifications work just fine.

No Brokerage and Commission Fees with Robinhood

And last, but not least, is Robinhood. The main reason I’m recommending this one is that there are no brokerage or commission fees. Again, this can be useful for beginners and even other investors who are a bit unsure in their decisions. Everything else is quite similar (work well but isn’t ground-breaking). Another advantage of this one would be it feels as if beginners can easily get a hang of it – especially if you’re new to investing. You can get stock info rather easily and investment with just a few taps. So I’d definitely recommend this one if you’re just starting or don’t want to take too big risks. Overall, it’s a well-balanced app that’s can be useful for any investor – big and small.

Although not a real complaint, I did notice it takes some time to set up the app for the first time. Mainly because it takes a couple days to link the bank account with the app. But in full honesty, I can’t tag this as a bad thing as any app that directly connects to anyone’s bank account should and must take extra safety steps. Thus, it’s fully understandable. With investing, it’s all about being patient and making smart decisions, so waiting a couple of days just to rest easily is smart in longer runs.


Hey, I know it’s scary to get into the investing world. But, I hope my suggestions will help you make the big move into securing your future. Just take your time, check out these helpful investment apps and do some research. One final tip I’d give is “do not rush”. There’s always time and opportunities will come and go. What’s important is to make sure your decisions count. And for that to happen, you need knowledge and experience. Without that, there’s isn’t a single app that can help. They are just tools to be more efficient. Also, just because I listed these 3 apps, it doesn’t mean they are the best and you shouldn’t try other ones. If you don’t find any of the apps helpful, you can always check the above list. Finally, if you do find an app that you think works better, don’t be afraid to let me know so I can test it out as well.

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