As Above So Below: 5 Lessons from The Top Bloggers

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It’s safe to say that there are a huge number of blogs online, but not all are popular. Top bloggers know how to engage readers and they enjoy a loyal following. People read their blogs regularly because they know that they are going to be entertained and inspired. If you want your blog to be admired and desire to acquire a large audience, you can learn how to achieve your aim via these 5 Lessons from The Top Bloggers.

As Above So Below: 5 Lessons from The Top Bloggers

As Above So Below: 5 Lessons from The Top Bloggers

Choose your theme wisely

The best bloggers know how to select a significant theme for their blog that will captivate readers. The subject matter chosen needs to be interesting to a wide number of people and out of the ordinary at the same time. There’s no point making the main theme of your blog similar to someone else’s, as you want it to stand apart from others. In addition, the subject you choose to blog about needs to fill you with enthusiasm. If you are not passionate about your theme, readers will notice and mentally switch off.

Prepare before you begin

Although some successful blogs are started the instant they are conceived of, most top bloggers report that they planned the layout and structure of their blog. Like them, you may benefit from collecting information you want to present later. Aim to gather ideas for posts that will cover several weeks blogging before you begin posting.

Visual kicks

It is possible to create a popular blog without making it eye catching. However, top bloggers are aware that it’s easier to gain attention from readers if they make their blog visually exciting. For example, a blog about food and drink could contain mouthwatering, scrumptious photographs. Likewise, a blog about dance music could contain a video of a popular dance being carried out.


Having a successful blog isn’t just about being popular. It’s also about providing quality. Quality pertains to the way a blog is written as well as content topics. Blogging about juicy gossip may gain you readers, but be careful not to broadcast material that could be slanderous. If you mention people, consider leaving their names out of posts. You may even want to keep your own hidden and adopt a name that fits in with the theme of your blog.


In order to be a top blogger you need to give your blog loving care and attention. It’s important to update material regularly so that readers know they can look forward to new posts. It’s also wise to tweak your blog when you can see that an improvement can be made. Past posts are not written in stone, and you can easily add or take material away from them in order to make them seem more relevant or exciting. You can also edit posts long after you have written them if you can see that you made a mistake and want your blog to be highly polished and professional.

Follow the advice of top bloggers and you can make your own blog successful and popular. Pick a great theme that wows readers and make your blog visually stunning. Have plenty of material to blog about and previously written posts to help you begin your venture. In addition, take into consideration privacy issues and update your blog regularly. The effort you make is bound to be worthwhile when you reap the rewards of owning a fabulous blog that everyone wants to read.


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