7 Benefits of Using Flash for Web Design

May 25, 2012Blog, Guest posts, Webdesign

Here is why use Flash for Web Design – Adobe Flash is a leading multimedia platform that web designers can use to add video, animation and interactivity to web pages. Flash has indeed given a new life for interactivity on web. Apart from the text based web sites, thanks to Flash and other similar technologies, we have highly interactive web sites. Indeed, Flash has several benefits in web design, because it entirely changes the face of web pages.

Flash was owned by Macromedia, which Adobe took over in 2005. It is now largely applied for ads, games and animations for broadcast on the web. Here are seven major benefits of using Flash for web design.

1. Makes sites more attractive

Flash has heralded a big change in the very look of web pages. Earlier, we had web pages only with some text and image. Now, thanks to Flash and other similar applications, things have largely changed. Web sites are pretty attractive with Flash integration that adds stunning videos, animations and other digital content to the sites. People can now make their sites as much artistic they want in help of Flash.

2. Acts as an educational tool

If you need to prepare a digital quiz for students, it is now almost impossible without Flash. Beyond that many educational outlets run their sites with huge dependence on Flash. Indeed, it is a fabulous tool for people to make their sites look interactive and artistic. Besides mere visuals, people can add several other functions in web sites and so it will be more learner-friendly.

3. Attracts more visitors

It is a proven fact that people will show more interest to visit a site that is aesthetically prosperous. Different from the traditional style web design, people always love to visit sites with some Flash content. Web users also admire to watch videos, animations and other digital content than just reading text and it only possible with Flash, however.

4. Presents sites in multiple ways

In use of Flash, you can introduce your site in more than a single way now. Well, you can blow away the textual style to attract more visitors to the site. Thanks to Flash, you can let your visitors take a virtual tour of your site. These things always attract more visitors to the site.

5. Easy and inexpensive

Producing a page with Flash content is quite easy and is inexpensive as well. You just need to know to code a site using Flash editing tools to prepare a web page rich with Flash content. Users can also view the animations from any browser.

6. Runs on any browser

Flash content is viewable on any web browser out there. What all you need is to install Adobe Flash Player in your system. After that, you can enjoy Flash content on any browser.

7. Supports most of handsets

A big majority of smartphones and tablets sans Apple iPhone and iPad support Adobe Flash. That means web designers have nothing more to do to run Flash-based sites on handsets.

Of course, Flash has been enriching our web experience for a while. These days many web and product developers also use HTML5 and various JavaScript-based apps instead of Flash. Apple, which thinks that Flash is ‘buggy,’ is also against Flash and it doesn’t include the feature in its products. Anyway, Flash is certainly one of the best ways you can enjoy rich multimedia experience on web.

About the Author: Brianne Walter is a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. She frequently writes on SEO, design, marketing, environment and social media related topics. Her favorite sites are ecofriend and automotto, which she also happens to work for.

Brianne Walter

Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and design. Beside this she is fond of books.

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