Vector Cyber Girl – Wallpaper tutorial

Mar 18, 2007Blog, Graphic, Tutorial

Today we prepare Vector Cyber Girl – Wallpaper tutorial for Adobe Illustrator. Enjoy the process how to create nice vector pictures. There is a preview of what we are doing.

Vector Cyber Girl - Wallpaper tutorial

On the Internet you can find many photos for example on a server, place your photo on working area blank document(Ctrl+N) in Adobe Illustrator and make vectorization (Live Trace).

Vector Cyber Girl – Wallpaper tutorial

1) Prepare a suitable color palette (use Select the Live Paint Bucket (K) and engage in various fillers, if you can go where no spills, it is necessary to go back (Ctrl + Z) and divided, unclosed path links at point 2.

2) Pay attention to the various ways in more detail, then adjust it. Use the Direct Selection tool (A).




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