Using eCommerce to Your Advantage

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If your company is on the verge of starting up, you may have considered utilizing the advantages eCommerce offers. The possibility of accessing thousands, if not millions, of potential customers online is incredibly tempting. However, mistakes can still be made. Building an online store will not lead you and your company to instant success. There are other companies and start-ups to contend with. To make what you offer more attractive to buyers, you can consider making tempting offers or tying your target audience into further development. Here are some suggestions to give your products and company the boost they need.

Using eCommerce to Your Advantage

Offering a Closer Look

One of the main downsides of eCommerce is not being able to take a close look at the product in question. Even if you offer returns, refunds, or product exchanges, these things will feel like a greater hassle than going to a shop to your customers. To prevent losing potential buyers to shops, attach videos to the product description. Show how durable it is. If you’re offering software, demonstrate the user-friendly interface. You can also make a list of the advantages of your product compared to others, and either incorporate it in the video or add it as a list to the description. The more details and close-ups you can give, the less the customer will feel like they’re taking a great leap of faith when they click the buy button. An additional plus is that the less often you and your buyer have to deal with returns, the more satisfied feedback you will get.

Beta Testing

If you’re planning to sell software online, you could consider handing the beta testing to the customers and encourage constructive criticism. For some products, this stage will be slightly more complicated than just downloading a program. Still, this step will not only help you to optimize your product and make it user-friendly, but also convey to the beta testers and outsiders that you take them and their wishes seriously. Especially with software, which tends to glitch on some systems and hardware, it’s important to have a wide variety of testing scenarios. Also, as the developer, you might lose your fresh eye on things. Having others take a look at your program and then draw your attention to issues you didn’t notice can support you on your way to developing a program a wide audience enjoys using.

Demos, Trial and Free Versions

Everybody loves free things. Even larger companies that have already made a name for themselves still utilize this fact. For example, demos of PC games are still often offered when you purchase a gaming magazine. Several smartphone apps are available as both slimmed down free versions and full editions that can be bought. Other products can be bought as basic, while extensions and additions can be purchased separately at a customer’s own leisure. For your own product, you can try similar strategies. If you’re building up a selection of several different products, offer package prices or small testing versions for free with a purchase. Consider it as making people hungry for more.

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