Stunning Collection of 25 Websites Designed with HTML5 and CSS3

Mar 11, 2013Blog, Graphic, Guest posts, Webdesign

HTML5 and CSS3 offers far more freedom and opportunities to web designers, in order to create compelling web designs. As opposed, to previous techniques like JavaScript or Flash that needed some cumbersome designing HTML5 and CSS3 have introduced web designers to a whole new way of intriguing new techniques and simple codes and a possibility to create web features previously impossible.

Let’s take look at these 25 ground-breaking websites designed with HTML5 and CSS3 worth browsing:


2. Get Satisfaction

Get Satisfaction

3. Vision 18

Vision 18

4. FiftyThree



6. Teixido


7. The Expressive Web

The Expressive Web

8. HTC


9. Envelopments


10. Design + Hype

Design + Hype

11. Veloster


12. Space.Angry Birds

Space.Angry Birds

13. NZ International Arts Festival

NZ International Arts Festival



15. Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope

16. Jessica Caldwell

Jessica Caldwell

17. Trinity Webtech

Trinity Webtech

18. Sony Tablet’s

Sony Tablet's

19. English Workshop

English Workshop

20. The Killers

The Killers

21. 42 Angels

42 Angels

22. TS3 Trefl

TS3 Trefl

23. Ben the Bodyguard

Ben the Bodyguard

24. Avon Renew

Avon Renew

25. Evolution of Web

Evolution of Web


HTML 5 and CSS take your design to an all-together different level. Such techniques help web designers to develop easier to navigate and smarter sites for the diverse user base. In addition, sites based on HTML 5 and CSS 3 rich Interface elements without the need for third party plugins, offers support to multiple platforms, and a clear separation of content and design. With more and more sites being built with such techniques the web will no longer remain a static interface.

Helen Thomas

Helen Thomas works for PLAVEB, a professional website design company located in Los Angeles. She is obsessed with getting the ‘right’ design for every single web page, and she thinks that design can make or break a business. When she is not designing, she likes to write about it and share her ideas and options with the world. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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