Some Tips which will help skyrocket the sales of your eCommerce sites

Oct 2, 2012Blog, Guest posts, Webdesign

We are pretty sure that all of you must have come across some or the other eCommerce websites while surfing the net or used them to buy products and services. You can use this very experience itself to develop successful eCommerce websites. Let us take a look at some tips which will help you skyrocket the sales of your eCommerce sites.

Some tips which will help skyrocket the sales of your eCommerce sites

Use different features and functionalities

There is no dearth of top eCommerce sites online. But this does not mean that you will always have to follow what is there on these sites. What I mean to say is instead of following the herd, why not think different and set an example for others to follow? Try putting in some unique features and functionalities which will set your site apart. It may be personalized services such as writing custom messages for gift orders or a new category such as – books read by your favorite authors or anything you can think of. Remember, nothing is wrong and who knows your idea might click with the users. Therefore, go ahead and think of some different features and functionalities to use on your site.

Remember: First impression is the last impression

There is no harm in spending some extra time in designing your eCommerce website. This is because a website which is visually appealing, instantly grabs the attention of the visitors. Even if the visitors are just browsing the web and happen to come across your beautifully designed site, they will definitely take some time out to go through the website. For instance, you can grab the users’ attention with some unique graphic elements like sliding banners or an intro page, which catches the eyes of users and compels them to make a decision in the favor of the site.

Share interesting details

Almost all eCommerce sites give certain details about the products/services which will persuade shoppers to eventually buy those products/services. For instance, if your site is about furniture, then naturally, the product description will contain details like color of the furniture, the type of wood used et al. But why not go a step ahead and share more interesting details with the users such as – the technique through which the piece of furniture was created, or a history of the wood used or how a certain type of furniture came into existence over the years and similar information.

Let’s take another example. Suppose you develop a site which sells ladies perfumes. What you can do is add a text box next to the image of the perfume and describe on what occasions the users would wear this particular perfume.

All in all, don’t restrict your imagination and use your creativity to give your users something new.

Friendly Overtone is a Must

Most of your customers are individual shoppers and many a times, they tend to be confused about the choice they make. This is the main reason why they abandon your site without making a purchase. In such cases, what you can do is making shopping on your site a more personalized experience for the customers.

For instance, if your site sells footwear, you can show images of models wearing different types of outfits – casual, formal, semi-formal or party wear with matching footwear. Hence, the users will get a clear idea how to use the products and they will be able to take an informed decision quickly.

These were some of the tips by following which you can surely boost the sales of your eCommerce websites.

Albert Vang

Albert Vang is a developer with PLAVEB - experience ecommerce website design & development company in LA. He is professional website application developer, he do research on topics related to design and development and writes for various guest-blogging websites.

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