We all know that social sharing & comments are essential for blogging. Readers are able to easily share their interest through social sharing buttons & then give their input through comments. WordPress has a simple commenting system which includes a column for Name, Email, URL and a Simple submit button. There are lots of other comment plugins also available. The infographic below shows a list of the top WordPress Social Sharing and commenting Plugins.

The Thank Me Later plugin sends ‘thank you’ emails to everyone who comments on your blog. Simply write a thank you message and then set the time you wish to send it — 5 minutes, a day, a month, whenever! It has a total of 117,311 downloads and has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Another plug-in is Disqus Comment System which replaces your WordPress comment system so that your comments are hosted and powered by Disqus. It has a total of 1,157,380 downloads and has been rated 4.1 out of 5 stars.

WordPress Social and Commenting Plugins

Most Popular WordPress Social and Commenting Plugins

Kory Cheshier

Kory Cheshier is a professional writer on SEO, blogging & Social Media space. He writes for Hireawiz, a Phoenix web design, web development & SEO company. Follow HireaWiz on Facebook.


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