Phirebrush | view.submit.enjoy 5 Years of Phirebrush – May 1, 2007. This May marks a milestone for Phirebrush as we have hit our 5 Year Anniversary.

Phirebrush | view.submit.enjoy

5 wonderful years of showcasing some amazing artwork, all submitted by the wonderful people that visit this site. Thank you to EVERYONE who has ever submitted or just stopped in for a glance at what we have to showcase each month. Also a big thanks to anyone that has helped out over the years. So, please, stop reading this and go enjoy what Release49 has to offer.


Graphic and website designer, currently, I attend to the maintenance of about thirty sites for existing clients as well as creating websites for the new ones. In my free time, I get into the secrets of the world of Linux, SSH, WP-CLI and I’m preparing this blog.

Great news! You can now watch our live streams on Youtube.Visit channel

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