How to Improve Usability of Your WordPress Blog?

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Usability is a big deal because of Google. They want websites to be usable so they may rank them up on their search engine. If they produce only useful results then their search engine becomes useful by default and they are able to continue their domination of the search engine world. Here are a few ways to improve the usability of your WordPress blog.

Improve Usability of Your WordPress Blog

How to Improve Usability of Your WordPress Blog?

Make sure your blog actually has a use!

This may just sound like another pointless tip to fill up word count since Google decided to reward words and not meaning when it comes to online articles, and yet unlike other articles–this tip is making a point. A WordPress blog can be as user-friendly as you like, but if the content itself has no real use then what is the point. Who is going to gain a use from this blog and why should they care? The blissful ignorance of what counts as useful is only surmountable by how stupid people really are. Here is a quick example of some deluded ignorant bliss:

Whilst training for a door-to-door sales job, two members were talking.

Mr. 2 said to Mr. 1, “I slam the door in door-to-door salesman.” Mr. 1 replies with, “This job is probably really hard.” To which Mr. 2 replies, “Nah, we offer savings and nobody turns down a saving.”

So, as you are deciding what makes your blog usable and therefore of use, ask yourself if you are not displaying the same ignorant bliss as the apt named Mr. 2 did in that example.

Link to other useful posts

If for example you have just written about the Yellowstone Park, then why not link to it. This is going to help your viewer and furthermore help your SEO. It turns out that Google views what you link to as part of who you are. If you link to black-hat SEO websites then you are not very good, but if you link to websites that are relevant to your blog posts then you are suddenly more useful and worthy of a higher rank on their search engine results.

Have a descriptive and enticing title

Adding a title that is purposefully vague is unfair on the user and makes your blog a lot less usable. Some people add vague titles because they think it will sucker some people into looking at the blog post. They say things such as, “You will never believe what she did with that loafer” so that people look at the blog post. This sort of thing does not work when people have been caught by such titles before. It is better to have a more descriptive title that a person may use to figure out if they want to read your blog post or not.

Do not add a lot of adverts or widgets

The core reason for people attending your blog is the content of it and possibly to see your mushy face nestled in the author bio bit. So, adding a lot of widgets and adverts is not likely to thrill them to bits. It is better to go for as few widgets and adverts as possible if you do not want to anger your target audience. Plus, do not forget that a blog that gets straight to the point is more user-friendly.

Add a suggested or related posts widget at the bottom of each post

This is not even a content marketing ploy in the strictest sense because if a user is genuinely interested in your blog posts then you are doing that viewer a favor by pointing out other blog posts that he or she may be interested in. you can choose the related blog post sections manually, or you can have a plugin do it for you. The choice is yours, but your blog is better off with the related posts widgets/tiles than it is without them.

Make your content easy but interesting to read

This is a big factor that is ignored too much. People add in written quality of around a high school student, which is actually enough to please Google. But, in their efforts to keep their text well written they forget to make it interesting. To have interesting text, you do not need to add in facts. Your text can be as fact free as you like, it may even be tissues of lies or hyperbole. Interesting is about being something people want to read to the end. If you want to spend most of your text coming up with creative ways of describing yourself when you are drunk then have at it–so long as it is interesting.

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