How You Can Test Your WordPress Themes to Create a Bug-free Project

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WordPress comes with many amazing themes, which affect the functionality and design of your site. It does not matter, whether you are utilizing paid or free themes, it’s great to give some time in order to test the reliability and flexibility of the themes in advance, thus any divergence will be managed and a good bug-free project will be created. In this blog post, we will tell you tips and tricks in order to test WP themes. So, that you may have some benchmarking figures as well as how it influences your website’s performance.

How to Set Up WordPress?

Website Developers can do numerous things while setting up a WP site. It assists them to avoid from a bug in the projects. And also, they can discover loopholes very easily.

Custom Table Prefix

You can install a custom table prefix and it will assist the web developers in different ways.

  • It increases the security level
  • It ensures that web developers don’t deviate from queries on the database

If you are a developer, you must use the default WP, so when you select 239Jd_23eKSmCM892_Vuhwedp, it may work like a password for your database.

Disable the Trash

As we all know the trash is a desirable feature, it only wastes effort and time while deleting or developing posts or pages. Thus, in order to prevent from the situation, you may utilize define (‘EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS’, 0); in the wp-config.php in order to disable the trash.

Enable Debugging Information

Many web developers don’t so much care to leave undefined variables on the entire website. Thus, it’s best to make sure you need not to make such inconvenience and utilize WP_DEBUG in the wp-config.php.

WP Query Analyses

WP provides a great facility of saving  the entire queries into a variable in (‘SAVEQUERIES’, true); in wp-config.php. Web developers may have the ability in order to approach it by printing the $wpdb->queries variable.

Development Process

Browser Development Tools

In order to make tasks simpler, it’s great if you get good knowledge of development tools. You may go to DOM and check for styles in order to make CSS issue fixing easy and smooth. If you will utilize a JavaScript debugger, it will help you to do Javascript debugging.

No need to Procastinate

In order to success your project, it’s best for you to maintain a track of all the search-tools and codes, so that when the people start to search, it comes to Google. After this task, you need to make sure that all things work according to form. The management may track, the map for the visitors. The 2nd problem is that web developers don’t remember to upgrade their code in a given time. This way, it will create a headache and code mess for themselves.

It is recommended to create all kinds of feature. Never leave things in the future as it would create problems and spoil your task.

WP Knowledge

If you will use database queries for difficult projects, it will surely assist you a lot. For instance, if your WP site has 100 test posts and you would like to delete those posts whose titles have 2 instances of the WP “or”, you may remove them easily, the main condition is that you must know how to change the data.

If you are going to try small code features, it’s great to do some search. You may search any places in order to check it anybody has already utilized it or not.

Final Theme Testing

1. Version Control Systems

Generally, this kind of system assists users in order to fix the bugs and enable them to keep a firm track of the repository changes effectively. Version Control Systems also assist them to change to the old versions accurately as per your preference.

2. WP Theme Check

This tool is a useful tool which lets people to ensure that their theme is as per the choices. It has the power to reject or accept your WordPress themes if it finds any deviations or errors.

WP Theme Check tool checks and ensure your theme is legitimate, or if there is any hidden files, incorrect text domains or anything which is against the WP “rule” is present.

3. A Process of Reliable Documentation

However, there is no direct link of documentation and theme testing process; it has been considered as a reliable tool in order to test the sites. Documentation writing assists a web developer to ensure they are working properly and go through a website’s features. Documentation Generator will be used for themes. It creates attractive formats without any issue.

4. Bug-Management

There are many bug-management tools available in WP, so it’s difficult to select the one. With Bug- management, you can handle the things easily. You need to keep the things under perfect evaluation and then approved by the individual who sees all things.

5.  Video Presentations

You can use video presentations. For theme testing, if you make video presentations, it becomes simple to catch lots of things.


We have discussed many tips and we are sure these are helpful to test your themes, the quality of your website and also improving the speed.

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