How to enlarge layers icon in Adobe Illustrator

Apr 13, 2008Blog, Graphic

If you frequently perform a systematic activity in Adobe Illustrator, are certainly to your good habits to maintain individual drawings in different layers, which you surely know how to save time when editing complex.

But you probably already happened, that these layers do not need to name, so if you have multiple bearings according to thumbnails that are in the basic settings is relatively small. Fortunately, the program allows for these thumbnails grow and thus help in the rapid selection of the required drawings.

Open the palette arrow to the right of the Layers panel. Select Settings panel, then select the other side and enter the icons (the good is chosen so 50px). It is recommended to remain in size 75px and less since the subsequent scrolling too large previews contrast, may be counterproductive.

Getting large layer icons in Adobe Illustrator – | The Graphic Mac: OSX and design-related community


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