How to Design a Landing Page That Converts

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A landing page is a page on your website designed for one purpose. That purpose depends on you, but it could be anything from getting someone to buy something to getting them to sign up for your email newsletter. No matter what its purpose, the landing page must be well written or it won’t work.

Tips to Design a Landing Page That Converts

How to Design a Landing Page That Converts

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Stay on Topic

Think of your landing page as a runway at an airport. It’s meant to guide people right down the middle until they reach their destination, your call to action. You may be tempted to wax nostalgic about your childhood or write about the latest news story, but you’ll see the best results when you focus on one topic only.

Create a Clear Call to Action

When someone finishes reading your page, they should know precisely what to do next. Your call to action shouldn’t pull any punches. Don’t hint at what your reader should do, shout it out. A big red “Buy Now” button leaves no doubt as to where the reader goes next. Keep the decisions to a minimum, too. If you offer too many options, it’s easy to confuse the potential client. Instead of making a purchase, he will simply put the decision off for another day. If possible, just give one choice. Buy or don’t buy.

Design It Well

Your landing page is useless if no one takes the time to read it. To ensure that they do, the design needs to be done well. Start off with a headline to capture the reader’s attention. Throughout the page, you should use sub-headers and bullet points to get your point across. Use a font that is easy to read, as well. Contrasting colors are an excellent way to keep your reader’s eyes on the page. Your call to action should really be easy to spot. Make it a bright red or orange and ensure that people will see it.

Include Social Proof

How often do you buy something that has no reviews? People are far more likely to make a purchase if they know that other people have already tried the product and liked it. This is why many Internet marketers offer beta testers their products to try first. You can add testimonials to your page to increase the trust factor. Collect testimonials and reviews from people who have already purchased the product, or give a few away in exchange for a testimonial.

Be Prepared for Traffic

If all goes well, your product will become very popular. This means your landing page will see some heavy traffic. Be prepared for this and make sure your host is up to the task of handling all that traffic. A site like can help you find the best host for your landing page.

A good landing page will be well designed and keep distractions to a minimum. People should have no option but to click the buy button once they have read to the end of the page. Don’t clutter the page up with links or ads, just focus on the sole purpose of the landing page.

Gavin Carter is a web page designer. He loves to write about web design on marketing blogs.

Gavin Carter

Gavin Carter is a web page designer. He loves to write about web design on marketing blogs.

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