Features Of A Successful WordPress Blog

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Having your own blog is a big deal, and it’s a positive hobby or business to pursue. You should be satisfied with your ability to follow through with such a large project. Once you’re up and running, the key is always to be improving and enhancing your foundation.

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There are so many blogs out there, that it’s important to stand apart and offer your own unique spin. Your goal is to impress your readers and hook them in, so they turn into repeat visitors. Learn about all the ways you can take your website to another level. See features of a successful WordPress blog.

Visually Appealing

Successful websites should be visually appealing, professional, and polished. You want a website that captures the attention of your readers as soon as they land upon your page. Do this by selecting eye-catching WordPress themes and hiring a technical web development expert to help you improve the structure even further. A good website design, after all, is marketing and can give a significant boost to your traffic. When it comes to succeeding online, fast-loading responsive web pages, complete with a perfect website structure is the key to local, provincial, or national success.

Use of Plugins

There are many free plugins out there to enhance your site instantly. They’re easy to find and use and can take a lot of pressure off of you if you’re someone who’s not skilled in this area. You can make enhancements from optimizing speed and performance to configuring an online shop. Plugins are a great way to enhance your user experience, so your website runs smoothly and doesn’t frustrate your visitors. Take time to look around and research which plugins will be best for your website and needs. This will be beneficial to help you configure a blog that has the potential to thrive.

Attractive Fonts & Layout

Even if you’re not a graphic designer, you have to always be thinking about the topic and how improvements in this area will help you succeed. Do your homework and then work with an expert or play around with your WordPress theme until you’re satisfied. In addition to including attractive fonts, play around with your page layouts and categories. Create dropdowns, organize content and make it easy for a user to navigate through your website without any problems.

Mobile Friendly

Think about how often you’re on your phone searching and hunting down different pieces of information. Click through to your own website and make a list of elements you want to see more of and what you picture as the perfect user experience navigating through the various pages. It’s necessary to have a responsive WordPress theme that’s fast and works on any mobile device. You’ll lose people right away if your website is clunky, slow and doesn’t show up correctly on a mobile device. Your competitors are mobile friendly and will rank higher in the search engines if you’re lacking in this area.

It Serves A Purpose

Think long and hard about the usability of your website. Brainstorm and pinpoint what purpose your blog is serving and what you want people to get out of it when they click through. Make sure your blog is usable for someone in your target audience who stumbles upon it. Produce quality content, have pages and links that flow seamlessly and congruently from one place to another. Offer value and benefits someone who’s reading your blog can’t help but understand and appreciate. Pick a niche and target audience who you can focus on communicating with and providing valuable information to.

Incorporates Social Media

Your blog will be more successful if you incorporate a social media aspect. This includes using plugins that display the social share icons on your blog posts and images. It’s also a good idea to automatically share any new blog posts with your social media followings. Launch pages on various platforms that showcase your blog and allow you to build a list of loyal readers. It’s a space for you to engage with your followers, share updates and gain valuable feedback. People love social media and are social beings, so it only makes sense that you’d want to have these features incorporated in your website.

Leaves No Room for Errors

Think about what a turnoff it is to come across a website only to be bogged down with a bunch of errors. It’s likely you won’t stay on the blog for very long and will have a bad taste in your mouth when you do close out the webpage. Spend time perfecting your blog and correcting any errors. Fix broken links, use spellcheck and make sure all of your content flows and make sense. WordPress makes it easy for you to prevent a lot of these mishaps if you use the functionality correctly. Ask family and friends to read your blog and notify you of any errors right away, so you can fix them.

Is Secure & Protected

This is one area you don’t want to mess around with or make yourself vulnerable to attacks. A successful WordPress blog isn’t constantly facing security issues and server errors. Pick a host that’s reliable and keeps your website up and running. Use plugins and WordPress features to secure your website and avoid any unfortunate hacking incidents. Stay current with all of your updates and maintenance requirements. You want to avoid your website being down when users are trying to locate your blog and protect visitors from any potential harm on their mobile devices or computers.


While there’s a lot to learn and know about launching and managing a blog, it’s doable if you take your time to understand the various components. Slow down and do it right the first time to avoid any unwanted mistakes. It’s okay to let your creative side take over once in a while, but also be practical about getting help with the technical aspects that will improve the user experience. These are features of a successful WordPress blog.


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