Facebook and Twitter Integration Tips for your Website

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It is no trade secret that social media sites when integrated with your business websites do wonders in ranking them well. But this task is not easy. It is definitely not a quick process or one that gives you quick results. Lots of planning and smart moves can help you reach your goal.

Here are some smart Facebook and Twitter Integration Tips for your Website.

Facebook and Twitter Integration Tips for your Website

Let’s kick off with Facebook tips:

The ‘Like’ Concept
The one-click option lets you share your website pages with Facebook profiles. This is one of the best modern ways to drive traffic to specific pages on your website, which otherwise would have remained unnoticed.

Good content will become popular in no time when the ‘Like’ option in Facebook is used to share.

The comment option on Facebook helps you express your views on any Facebook content. This option is especially useful for websites that just feature content without the comments plug-in. With Facebook’s comments option, you don’t have to create an entirely new comments solution for your website. You can still get people to express views and opinions on your content.

‘Send’ Option
The ‘Send’ option is also used to share content on Facebook with friends. But it is different in that the content sent is communicated through Facebook messages and not by default (like in the case of the ‘Like’ option). For content that is better when served individually, the ‘Send’ option is just great.

Activity Feed
The Activity Feed option lets you show users details like what their friend’s activities are on your site with regards to their liking and commenting. It is basically the list of the most recent activities of users on your site.

Having given you the basic tips on Facebook integration to your websites, I will now talk about tips for using Twitter to enhance your website.

Twitter Buttons
Twitter buttons help promote your Twitter account rapidly. There are forty different Twitter buttons to choose from featuring different sizes and shapes. The service lets you create the required HTML automatically. You need not have any programming language to accomplish the task.

Widgets of Twitter
To begin integrating Twitter to your website, just add the default twitter symbol to your website’s sidebar. It’s not going to be very special but it’s a nice way to show the latest on your website tweets. It is also a great way to get readers involved in Twitter updates. The best thing about Twitter widgets is that it can be used with any blog or website (even on HTMI-Only pages). It’s easy yet very effective.

Effective Twitter Tools
WordPress has a very strong influence in the blogging world. Lots of bloggers are making use of Alex King’s Twitter tools in order to integrate Twitter to their blogs. Twitter tools offer unlimited functionality for WordPress blogs. Its plug-ins enable the following:

  • Create daily posts for tweets
  • Create blog posts for every tweet
  • Posting tweets from your website sidebar.
  • Post tweets via another service like API hook.

Well, the above highlighted tips are the foremost ways to integrate social media sites to your websites. Mind you, there are several other great ways to enhance your website by making use of Facebook, Twitter and many other social media websites.

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