When your at you’re studio set up and working on your latest design, did you know, around 30% of your time is spent clicking through the Adobe Photoshop menus and tool bars. The Photoshop Keyboard set easily transforms your own keyboard into a fully functional editing keyboard for Adobe Photoshop, which can greatly reduce your time spent editing and get you back into the true adventue of the design process.

Editors Keys

40% faster editing isn’t the only advantage you’ll experience, when using your new Photoshop set. The Photoshop Keyboard set is fully compatible with the default keyboard shortcuts in Adobe Photoshop 5, 5.5, 6, 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS5 and all versions Photoshop Elements so you simply apply them to your keyboard (using our handy applicator) and start editing with your Photoshop keyboard straight away.


Graphic and website designer, currently, I attend to the maintenance of about thirty sites for existing clients as well as creating websites for the new ones. In my free time, I get into the secrets of the world of Linux, SSH, WP-CLI and I’m preparing this blog.


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