Binary Moon - BM Custom Login

This plugin was designed to quickly build custom login page, contains all the files needed to change the layout. Download BM Custom Login Plugin. Extract the package directory bm-custom-login and upload to ../wp-content/plugins/. Make sure that the directory with the same name, not to its renaming. Create your own graphics – open your files from the /image-templates/ and login-bkg-tile.psd and login-bkg-bottom.psd. Save the files to the /images/.

Upload these modified graphics on a web directory ../wp-content/plugins/bm-custom-login/images/.


Customize your WordPress login – David Airey, Graphic Designer
Custom login page – Binary Moon – The home of Ben Gillbanks
Flickr: Custom WordPress Logins


Graphic and website designer, currently, I attend to the maintenance of about thirty sites for existing clients as well as creating websites for the new ones. In my free time, I get into the secrets of the world of Linux, SSH, WP-CLI and I’m preparing this blog.


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