Bitstream Font Navigator – Advanced management of fonts

Aug 14, 2006Blog, Graphic

Excellent supplement of package CorelDraw X3 font manager Bitstream Font Navigator. Advanced management of fonts installed on your computer, such as a very comfortable sort localization using font groups, where you create different groups based on the contents of the catalog, which can be sorted according to size and style of fonts, but also by the character set.

Bitstream Font Navigator

Bitstream Font Navigator

This tip has been written for CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite X3. While similar features might be available in previous releases the tip will be fully applicable to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 and newer versions only.

CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite includes Bitstream® Font Navigator®, an award-winning font manager. Font Navigator allows you to quickly and easily

  • find fonts on local and network drives and add them to the Font Catalog so you
  • can access all the available fonts on your system from one list
  • install and uninstall fonts by dragging and dropping
  • organize fonts into manageable groups that you can install by clicking a shortcut
  • view and print font samples
  • search for and buy fonts on, giving you instant access to the largest
  • collection of fonts ever assembled for online delivery


Using Bitstream Font Navigator


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