Jump to HTML5 – Use the New and Shiny Responsibly

Mar 18, 2013Blog, Graphic, Guest posts, Webdesign

HTML5 is leading new era of technology with less effort, cut of value and lots of new features like better interaction and accessibility as well as offline database and application cache and more for multimedia, safe data storage etc. Regarding Jump to HTML5 development & design, there are lots of online tools and resources like spritebox tool, 3D sketch tool, xray tool, audio maker tool and much more for creative work.

Jump to HTML5 – Use the New and Shiny Responsibly

HTML5 - Use the New and Shiny Responsibly

HTML5 has lots of tags and enhancements to cover limitations of HTML4 and also includes advances features for multimedia, database support and faster processing.

HTML5 standards remain a moving target, and because most Internet users don’t use the latest versions of the various web browsers, serving the right markup is more important than ever.

Look at the new outlining and sectioning element in HTML5:
<section>, <article>, <nav>, <header>, <footer>, <aside> and <hgroup>.

HTML5 is the best language for mobile or web based application development with fulfilling all the requirement of web developers and also creates their task easy and simple. It allows creating permanent connection between the web page and the server for non HTML data exchange. This informative Infographic is created by expert designer from Rightway Solution with the guidance of dedicated HTML developers.

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