Great Social Media Guidelines for the Students and the Job Seekers

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Have a look below to Great Social Media Guidelines for the Students and the Job Seekers. Social Media definitely plays an important role in the lives of young and aspirant bloggers. According to a recent market survey, around 20 percent of the total US students (obviously the ones going to colleges) have started to use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook for marketing their start-up ventures. But the question is: how much role does social media able to play when it is about educational and professional relationships?

Great Social Media Guidelines for the Students and the Job Seekers

The answer is: Huge. Over 75% of the US students (preferably those going to college) check their Facebook and Twitter profile pages at least once in a day on a regular basis. Social Media is an amazing concept. If it is used with the correct attitude, then students as well job seekers will benefit hugely from it. However, there are certain basic guidelines to follow to use Social Media sites in the most beneficial way.

Should students add classmates through the Social Media Circle?

Definitely YES and sometimes even a NO will be fine.

Let’s carryout with the explanation. It is always a fine approach to get connected to friends of the class as well the ones outside the class. Also, connecting to friends can help in sharing knowledge while studying. It can be helpful and benefit immensely while going for group study. It can help going through some critical project or homework jargon.

Now, the negative part is that there may be some students who are not too much confident with the Social Networking concept. They may never response to friend request. Now, this is very common these days. Don’t take it personally at all. Also, there be cases of fake identity which often creates some serious problems. One should be alert all the time while connecting with friends through social media.

Should students add faculties in their Social Media circle?

It is definitely a great approach. Always remember, interacting with a teacher can help in sharing and gathering more knowledge and facts concerning specified topics. There are also teachers who offer suggestion and homework help through social media interactive live chat sessions.

Enough of students! Now, let’s focus on young professionals and their approach towards this Social Media theory.

Should young professionals approach coworkers and add them in their social media friend circle?

Although this procedure can help in developing interoffice relationships, but most pundits consider it a risky process. There are lots of negative attributes associated with it. Connecting coworkers through social media can destroy privacy. It can create a fuzziness to balance properly the momentum of personal and professional life. It can end-up becoming a center for discussing office problems and salty gossips.

Should young professionals approach competitors to become their friends in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc?

This is strictly a NO. Although there may be some friendly competitors who can appreciate and support major accomplishments, but most are jealous and harmful. They will always try to make the best of efforts to learn about company secrets. They can also spread ill words about the company in other social media circles. And more importantly, the employer might have a feel that this particular employee is planning to resign. It can be very dangerous to befriend a competitor on a social media circle. It can lead to serious negative consequences. So, avoid this particular step.

Before signing off, one more tip to share: When adding some influential person or someone from the superior head, ensure that your profile stats are properly written. Clean off any foul staffs as it can hamper the overall reputation.

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