Emerging Trends of Web Design for 2012

Apr 2, 2012Blog, Guest posts, Webdesign

Trends of Web Design has gained a completely new meaning from the start of the year. With new color schemes, creative concepts and technologies surfacing, much evolution has been witnessed in the first three months itself and more remains to come as web designers explore new horizons and apply variations to web designing making their work more incredible and outstanding.

CSS3 + HTML5 are in, but Flash is not yet out
Web design is focusing more on function rather than beauty that was the trend in the past year. This has resulted in CSS3 and HTML5 being used much more than Flash. While this is an unexpected trend emerging in the web design arena, it is not enough to bid Flash goodbye. Flash will not die yet, as it was largely believed in the latter half of 2011. HTML5 is still not the perfect substitute to Flash, when it comes to creating remarkable design elements. Flash still remains a leading tool in the hands of web designers to create entertainment and gaming websites.

Websites optimized for mobile devices
With mobile web browsing becoming popular, mobile sites need to be highly compatible with browsers of mobile devices. This year sees web designers and web developers working in sync to create websites with a low download time and high responsiveness to multiple viewports. Consequently, modular designs that are easier to navigate are gaining a strong foothold.

Primary color schemes return
Primary colors like green, yellow, blue and red are making a comeback. Also, Web designers prefer to select not more than three colors while creating their masterpieces. However, they are seen to be playing around with different shades of the colors chosen to create unique color combinations to communicate messages.

Black rules
This year sees the emergence of several dark themed websites. Black is being combined tastefully with primary colors to form unique and catchy color templates. Dark themes are fast leaving behind clean bright designs and gathering momentum in website designs for sectors like photography, music and industrial design.

Vector Art and Circles
Vector art has gained immense prominence in 2012. Several Web designs are making space for vector mascots to raise the aesthetic value of webpages. Likewise, banners and ribbon style graphics are becoming increasingly popular this year.

Currently more websites are using circles in designs. They improve visual communication and grab people’s attention almost immediately. Finding increasing use in logo designs, circles are also providing a deviation from the commonly used rectangular text boxes.

Concluding notes on trends in web design
Subtle changes that came about in 2011 have resulted in sea changes in web design trends this year and the concepts elaborated above are certain to grow further in 2012. Innovative thinking will help to publicize businesses in an all-new way this year and beyond.

Fluid website layouts, easy to navigate pages, simple web designs, fixed-position navigation, vector mascots, multi-column menus, banner and ribbon designs, info graphics and more are ushering us into an era where technology and wild brainstorming is coming together to offer a balance between business and design.

About the author:
Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology. Beside this she is fond of books. Recently an article on most expensive phone attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Nokia Lumia 800.

Brianne Walter

Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and design. Beside this she is fond of books.

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